PCB Expander – Design Freedom in Limited Space

The PCB Expander is a solution specifically designed to address the ever-present challenge of limited space in electronic designs. Drawing inspiration from the component carrier, it offers unmatched flexibility and efficiency, empowering engineers to achieve optimal functionality within restricted footprints. Core Functionalities: Ideal Applications: Beyond Space Efficiency: The PCB Expander transcends the concept of simply

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Lighting module for a security system

Sensor-supported camera systems are used to automatically capture clearly defined areas such as e.g. access openings on machines to monitor. The 3D-MID module aligns the individual LEDs precisely to ensure full illumination of the area to be secured. The connection of the LEDs to the main circuit board is already integrated in the MID solution

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Sensor carrier for a large-format camera

Through the interaction of several CCD sensors, the large-format camera (AWARE) creates high-resolution images in the gigapixel range. Since the customer was unable to achieve a solution using conventional PCB (Printed Circuit Board) technology, HARTING developed a miniaturized sensor carrier in MID design.

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Position sensor for adaptive cruise control

The Adaptive Cruise Control System (ACC) automatically regulates the safety distance to the vehicle in front via a sensor in the front area. Thanks to an MID solution from HARTING, it was possible to reduce the size of the ACC and at the same time achieve greater precision.

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We at HARTING 3D-Circuits are revolutionizing the world of hearing with our 3D-Circuits hearing aids. This technology not only enables manufacturers to develop slim and compact devices, but crucially, it offers exceptional performance and a high level of wearing comfort. Unveiling the Power of 3D-Circuits Miniaturization: Traditional hearing aids often struggle with size limitations, which

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RFID Transponder

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags are increasingly used in industrial processes to control the flow of goods. The 3D-MID technology creates miniaturised tags with high reading ranges even if they are under extreme environmental conditions. The antenna structure can be flexibly adapted to the environment and the RFID chip used.

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Cashless payment transactions must meet high security requirements – especially in the critical step of reading credit card information. HARTING’s 3D-MID covers protect the electronics mechanically and electronically from unauthorised access. A high-precision meander structure detects even the smallest intrusion and thus prevents data theft.

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3D-Circuits Ring Switch for caries diagnostics

Early detection of tooth decay is crucial for preserving oral health. Traditional methods often rely on X-rays, which involve radiation exposure. Thankfully, innovative technologies are emerging to offer safer and more efficient solutions. This is where the 3D-Circuits Ring Switch comes in. This advanced component plays a vital role in a new generation of dental

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Optics carrier and heating element for caries diagnostics

Early Caries Detection Made Easier Accurate and early detection of tooth decay is essential for maintaining good oral health. Normally, dentists rely on visual inspection and X-rays. However, these methods have limitations. Visual inspection can miss decay hidden between teeth, and X-rays involve radiation exposure. Thankfully, innovative technologies like the 3D-Circuits Optics Carrier and Heating

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