True 3D-Circuits Design - 3D Layouts designed with Altium Designer

Leiterbahnen gelb einer Platine

Altium Designer’s dedicated new tool brings full 3D-MID support to the standard electronics design workflow. You can place components from your library into your schematic documents and define the logical connectivity between them in the same way as for a standard PCB.

These components and their connectivity can then be synchronised seamlessly from the schematic design to the 3D-MID design environment, a new native document type in Altium Designer. In this document, the component footprints can be placed and positioned directly on the surface of the substrate. 

The connections can then be routed, driven by the logic defined in the schematic. Once the design is complete, a single menu command generates the production files required for the manufacturing process.

With Altium Designer you can seamlessly integrate non-planar electronic designs into your projects just as easily as a standard PCB design.

There’s no need to create any new components or footprints – you can simply work with your standard components, wired togheter in the usual way in your schematic documents.  

Enjoy the freedom to blend form with function! Altium Designer’s layout MID tool enables you to create designs that not only meet required electrical specifications, but are also works of art.

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