HARTING Component Carrier

Component carriers simplify the mounting of sensors

HARTING has developed a component carrier that can be mounted directly with electronic components allowing previous manual assembly processes to be automated. Flexible circuit boards can also be replaced, increasing precision and reducing assembly costs.

The component carrier simplify the mounting of sensors which serves as a connecting element between a printed circuit board (PCB) and electronic components (such as LEDs, ICs, photo–diodes or sensors).

With the component carrier from HARTING, the manual mounting of position sensors is no longer necessary. The component carrier increases reproducibility and reduces processing costs.

Automatic mounting of position sensors

In electrical drives, Hall sensors are used to determine the exact position of the rotor and the electronic components are normally attached manually as wired THT components. A mechanical bracket is also mounted which aligns the sensors at an angle of precisely 90 degrees.

Two-channel Hall-effect encoder for recording the rotation of a motor shaft

Such manual assemblies are no longer necessary when HARTING’s component carriers are used because the sensors are automatically mounted onto the component carrier, making an additional component for arranging and aligning the sensors unnecessary. The component carrier with the position sensors is delivered by HARTING in a blister belt packaging (tape & reel) for the automatic SMD assembly process. This component carrier replaces the manual processing steps – thus increasing the reproducibility and reducing the processing costs.

Component carrier solution & traditional solution


HARTING 3D-MID is offering the complete value chain for 3D-MID technologies from a single source, including development/prototyping of customer-specific products, injection moulding, laser direct structuring, metallisation, assembly and connection technology, as well as final inspection. Its core business is the production of mechatronic components for automobile manufacturing, industry, medical technology and sensor systems. HARTING is the largest supplier of 3D-MID components outside of Asia. HARTING 3D-MID is a business unit of the HARTING Technology Group, headquartered in Espelkamp, Germany.

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